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We're a team that's motivated by our vision to strengthen the cause-based world through efficient & effective fundraising best practices. We want to revolutionize the way cause-based organizations engage their audience.


At Frontier, collaboration happens on all fronts—on each touch point from concept to execution. We value our respective skill sets and abilities, and often help one another to sharpen our skills to understand how to best achieve our goals, and the goals of our clients.

We live in Victoria, BC and work nationally. Together, we work hard, we laugh a lot, we brainstorm nonstop, we send hundreds of Slack messages a week, and we give the best high-fives in town. We love our work, and we want you to love yours too. We’re always looking for weird, smart, and independent thinkers to join the team.

Frontier is different. Are you?


We are committed to our people.


Your Health

We encourage our staff to to be healthy and active. To that end, at Frontier we offer a Health Spending Account to subsidize the cost of everything from dentistry to massage. We also offer competitive wages and are committed to offering a living wage ($18+) to even the most entry level of our full-time staff. No more Mr. Noodles for you.

Your Time

We understand that you have a life outside of work and that life will sometimes take priority over your commitment to Frontier (*gasp*). We offer extremely flexible work schedules, generous vacation time (even in the first year of employment), sick days, and a full time work week of 30 hours. No excuses for missing your kid’s recital.


Your Philanthropy

Frontier is in the business of empowering charities by helping to change the way Canadians spend their money. We support employees to give by matching 50 cents per dollar that an employee donates through Chimp—up to $500 per year—to give you more money to donate to your favourite causes.


Your Tools

At Frontier we work with top-of-the-line equipment. But it takes more than tech to keep a team happy. We have a bi-weekly delivery of healthy snacks, a never ending supply of craft coffee (from one of our local roasters), and tacos every Tuesday.


Your Growth

Whether we’re attending conferences, doing internal apprenticeships, taking online courses, or some personal professional reading, we are constantly learning and growing. We’ll do whatever we can to help you do the same. To that end, we also have an annual Staff Retreat to pause, reflect, and set goals for the year ahead.


The Frontier Office

In 2017 we moved into our beautiful open office in the Harris Green neighbourhood. We spend our days surrounded by natural light, ample break out space, and the best coworkers in the world, just steps from Shatterbox, and a short walk from the best breakfast bagels in town. We’re also serious about celebrations.


To maintain our standard of excellence and hire people who are as passionate about their work as they are about finding the perfect GIF, we have a multi-step hiring process.

Don’t be intimidated (or do).



Data Specialist


You are naturally self-directed and a goal setter. Data is second nature to you; how it can be used is what you dream about. You recognize that communication is key to stakeholders (Frontier and our clients) understanding data’s value, and you thrive in a collaborative environment. You can operate with little top-down instruction and are ok with engaging in repetitive tasks, but more importantly you are motivated by that repetitiveness to work on optimizing, eliminating, or automating those tasks so that everyone can move on to increasingly strategic work.


Frontier is a marketing agency that helps charities elevate their donor support. We work exclusively with charities, all across Canada. Our strategic focus is in effective and efficient integrated marketing.


You’ll spend a lot of time working with Frontier’s Print Marketing Manager, Sophie, and will assist her in fulfilling the fundraising data requirements for our clients (with a view towards also engaging with the online and social media aspects of fundraising data as well). You'll also produce meaningful numerical summaries of our fundraising campaigns’ performance.


  • Sort and segment mailing list data for all fundraising appeals for clients

    • Example data operations on an ongoing basis for clients:

      • Grouping hundreds of thousands of individual donations by donor.

      • Assigning a value to each donor based on: recency, frequency, and amount - grouping donors accordingly.

      • Deduplicating donors based on varied criteria (alternative address spellings, donors who have moved, etc).

  • Integrate other types of data and giving:

    • Integrate client online giving with offline giving data to inform future mailings and digital strategy.

    • Source alternative data sources in order to identify new avenues to engage with donors in a data-driven way.

  • Provide regular reporting on overall giving for clients for both internal and external use.

  • Extracts trends using automated analysis in order to inform donor strategy

  • Bring further automation to our regular processes and mailing list generation.

  • Brings a sense of ownership and drive to optimize existing processes and identify ways to better utilize existing data streams.

  • Requesting and reviewing data from clients. Reformatting when necessary, and communicating with them to receive a consistent format.


  • Strong attention to detail

  • Mid-to-high level proficiency in Python programming (or similar).

  • Strong in Excel (or similar), including common and higher level functions.

  • Some level of practical statistics (e.g. choosing sample sizes).

  • Enjoys goal-oriented, self-directed projects.


  • Experience working with nonprofits or charities.

  • Experience with data visualization

  • Understanding of online tools like Slack, Google Apps, etc.



Email your interest with a resume, cover letter, and any links, work samples, resources and attachments you like to

Junior Web Developer (Apprenticeship)

Junior Web Developer (Apprentice)

About You

You’re a technology enthusiast who is passionate about creating for a purpose. You are familiar with basic HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and editing content on WordPress sites. You understand the digital world, can expertly navigate social channels, and are focused on results. You’re very organized, love details, are a natural communicator, and can manage multiple deadlines and due dates at the same time. The ideal candidate for this role is a recent graduate looking for on-the-job training to improve and apply their skills practically.


About Us

Frontier is a marketing agency that helps charities elevate their donor support. We work exclusively with charities, all across Canada. Our strategic focus is in effective and efficient integrated marketing.


The Gig

You will work with Frontier’s Digital Marketing Manager, Megan, in the development, maintenance, and improvement of our WordPress based landing pages and websites. During the first four months of this role, you will train as an apprentice. Following the successful completion of the training phase, this role will become permanent.

Major Responsibilities

  • Ensure strong communication with Frontier’s digital team to maintain update on status, risks, and issues regarding campaigns and production.

  • Maintenance and development of websites and digital campaigns including: e-blasts, e-newsletters, and social media management.

  • Building WordPress sites, landing pages, and anything in-between to support Frontier’s clients or their ongoing marketing campaigns.

  • Converting PSD files from our designers into responsive, modular, HTML5-based pages.

  • Monitoring and implementing ever-evolving best practices to our projects.

  • Bringing the UX’s asymptotically closer to perfection.

The Must Haves

  • Intermediate fluency in HTML and CSS.

  • Intermediate fluency of Javascript, and PHP.

  • Comfortable developing for WordPress and editing WordPress sites.

  • The ability to use Sketch / Photoshop / Illustrator to extract visual content for HTML / CSS

  • A willingness to learn, and to be flexible and self-reliant.

  • A diligence for web standards, site performance, and usability.

  • Initiative. Spearheading development and putting your ideas into action when you identify an unfulfilled need.

  • Strong communication skills.

The Nice To Haves

  • Familiarity with MailChimp.

  • Understanding of online tools like, Slack, Google Apps, Asana, etc.

  • Google Analytics experience.

  • Knowledge of ecommerce tracking pixels.





32 hours a week at $12.65/hour for first 4 months while training, then increase to $18/hour. Position located in Victoria, BC. Start date September, 2018.


Email your interest with a resume, cover letter, and any links, videos, resources and attachments you like to with subject line “Junior Web Developer Application”.