Birkmania: Giving You an Edge in Fundraising!

How important is finding the right people for your organization?

That’s a no-brainer, right? In fact, it’s common for business leaders to think this is the only necessary prerequisite to building a cohesive and effective team.

We’re inclined to agree—at least in part.

When you’ve engaged Frontier as your fundraising specialist, you’re getting a whole team that’s entirely focused on achieving the best results for you.
— Mariam Ghani

Equipping your organization with people who are competent and a great fit for your team is essential for the health of any business or non-profit.

At Frontier, we genuinely believe people are our most important asset.

Most organizations put daily operations above thoroughly understanding their employees.

Making sure your organization is getting to the task-at-hand, meeting deadlines, assisting clients, and getting everything done is paramount to being successful in your field.

But could you be missing out?

While these activities are absolutely essential for the health of any business or organization, if you haven’t invested in getting to know the nuances of each person on your team, you might actually be overlooking an opportunity to increase your team’s overall efficiency and productivity.

For any team to operate seamlessly, it’s crucial that everyone has an awareness of their own strengths, skills and areas of opportunities for growth, but it’s also key for each person to understand their teammates in the same way.

That’s where Birkmania comes in at Frontier.

What the heck is Birkmania, you might be asking yourself.

Let me fill you in. It’s an in-office event the whole team participates in together, based on The Birkman Method, which assesses your personality and perceptions. It reveals your interests, actual behaviour, stress behaviour, as well as your assumptions pertaining to the social needs of others versus your social needs in a variety of categories.

The Birkman Method illuminates contrasting perceptions, and focuses on strengths and productive applications, so individuals can learn to make use of their unique skills and perform with heightened efficiency.

The Birkman Method is a tool that facilitates growth for yourself and your team. It also helps your organization to better understand the strengths and interests of your employees and colleagues, so you are better prepared to meet challenges and opportunities in the future.

Birkmanity Insanity at Benifactor

Each time Frontier welcomes a new person into our weird and wacky world, we invest in them by discovering their Birkman type. Then, we throw an event, led by an official Birkman trainer, to delve deeper into the meaning of each person’s results.

With help from a Birkman trainer, we are guided through all of the different sections of personality analysis, with a special focus on appreciating how our team is similar and dissimilar.

One of the most valuable outcomes from this event is gaining reliable insight into one another’s strengths, competencies and weaknesses.

All About YOU!

This knowledge allows us to focus on our strengths and utilize the diverse skills found within our team, enabling us to optimize our abilities, so we can operate efficiently, effectively AND seamlessly for you.

Because we’ve invested in understanding the strengths of each team member, we’re more cohesive, productive and successful in what we do. Ultimately, this is good news for you! That’s because what we do is help YOU do good in the world.

When you’ve engaged Frontier as your fundraising specialist, you’re getting a whole team that’s entirely focused on achieving the best results for you.

Thanks to Birkmania, we’re able to offer you a team that’s effective, productive and ready to respond to just about any challenge. We ensure our team is flourishing, so we can help your team flourish, too.