More Than Mullets: Office Culture That’s Empowering + Engaging

At Frontier, we’re dedicated to helping organizations that do good, be great. We have teams specializing in print, digital, design, data, and client success, and they all play a unique role in making that happen.

Fundraising success inspired unprecedented personnel growth in 2018…

Mariam stepped up to become general manager. Nick took on the role of art director with Chantal taking on the majority of design work. A recent addition, David, joins Megan and Silvana to complete the digital team. Client happiness is handled by Sarah and Matt. And finally, our print team isn’t just Sophie anymore! Mariya brings copywriting in house to help streamline production and fit each word into fundraising best practices. And to complete our print team for the first time, we have recent additions Eric, and me—Katie!

Eric and I bravely attended the annual Benifactor retreat this past fall after only one week on the job. Lucky for us, the first order of business was to unpack a box of (mostly) mullet wigs, which nearly every Benifactor manager enthusiastically wore. Seeing a new boss in an epic mullet is enough to put almost anyone at ease, so us newbies were ready for a dive into the wonderful, weird world of Frontier—a world that includes so much more than mullets.  

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Retreats are essential to maintaining the Benifactor mosaic. You see, Frontier is not an only child. We share an office—and knowledge—with several sister agencies, all existing within the Benifactor family. As close relations of Charity Electric, Capstone Fundraising, Good Marketers Group, and Glass Register, Frontier is the sister who handles print and digital marketing for long-term clients.

Being part of a mosaic means we—and by extension our clients—are a part of something bigger. With the rapid growth that we consistently experience, our most recent retreat focused on defining who Benifactor is as a whole and exploring a vision for a sustainable future together.

The retreat was more than a chance to create a vision for our future. It was an opportunity to bond over shared meals and off-key karaoke. All in all, our retreat was a thoughtful reflection of Benifactor’s office culture, which revolves around employee well-being. As stated best by Benifactor Advisor, Heath, during our first retreat session, “growing as a person is more important than the company.”

That’s why Frontier’s culture focuses on keeping people empowered and engaged. Every week, we enjoy Taco Tuesday team lunches where we have the chance to laugh, bond and get to know each other so we can work better as a team.

With a flexible 32 hour work week, we can set our own hours and choose to enjoy the shared focus and camaraderie of our bright, open-concept office, or to work from home.

We also take the idea of self-determination seriously—it’s right in our name. We’re on the frontier of fundraising, and every job candidate writes a review of the HBO series Deadwood. It gives us a writing sample and insight into the way our potential new team members think. More importantly, it gives new hires a helpful analogy to understand our culture.

Like in the frontier town of Deadwood, at Frontier Marketing Company everyone gets to choose who they want to be. Team members are encouraged to figure out how their unique skills can most benefit the team. Someone could start in a well-defined role, and within a few months or years, end up in a position that didn’t even exist when they started.

Our culture constantly evolves to help the team be their best. This kind of flexibility and empowerment keeps everyone engaged and excited about their work. Even better, with everyone adding unique skills and strengths, we have a whole range of expertise that allows us to produce the best possible results for our clients.

Katie Mutrie

Print Marketing Assistant at Frontier