The Frontier Hiring Process

  1. Candidate applies to work at Frontier.

  2. Frontier sorts through resume to select short-list candidates.  

  3. A Personality Style Indicator Questionnaire is sent to applicants selected for interview. 

  4. Selected candidates are  asked to produce a personal review of the HBO series, Deadwood (maximum one page). 

  5. Interview final applicants.

  6. Internal debrief regarding initial perception of skills, aptitude, fit for position, and personality fit within Frontier culture.

  7. Test project given to selected candidate.

  8. Internal debrief on quality and timeliness of work and fit within the Frontier team. 

  9. Debrief with candidate (via email or in person) after test project. They are then either paid for their time on the test project or offered a 3 month probationary contract. 

    • Three month probationary contract could be terminated at any time if candidate’s quality of work deteriorates or there is friction with the team and culture.

  10. Upon successful completion of the three month probationary contract, candidate is offered an ongoing role as an employee of Frontier and is given access to all employee perks and benefits.